“My students exuded pure joy…It was a totally incredible learning opportunity for them—and for me. (Fred) found wonderful ways for students to review scientific concepts with actual hands-on materials. Technology might seem daunting to many,” said one participant, “but Fred, and other members of their professional team made it so easy, so accessible. They showed you the basics and then they just let you play. Their enthusiasm was irresistibly contagious.”

– Emma Romme, LCDSB teacher

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[During their field-trip] the students were so engaged that they became different students! As a space that promotes creativity and thinking, project based learning is the future of education…and the direction we need to go.” “freedom to try new things without being afraid to be wrong is what makes the STEAM Centre the uplifting, energized place that it is.’ “[STEAM Staff] were “truly fabulous…letting the students discover things on their own. They went above and beyond my expectation.”.

– Katherin O’Hara, Department Head of Mathematics, South Secondary School

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“My son attended STEAM Centre’s Summer Camp and loved it! Compared to other STEM camps, STEAM Centre’s use of current and relevant technology gave him skills he has been able to frequently apply to his other interests.”

– Bryan W.

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