Make your own hexaflexagon!

Don’t  have a hexaflexagon sheet? Download the PDF.

Draw different pictures on the triangles in each horizontal row. Each image in Row 1 should be similar to one another. When folded they will connect to make an image.

Cut along the outside thick black lines.

Fold and crease the paper along the dotted lines, face to face. Open up and fold the next line. Repeat until each line is folded and creased:

Fold and crease the paper on the diagonal lines, back to back. Open up and fold the next diagonal line. Repeat until each line is folded and creased:

Don’t forget to fold the diagonal lines that run the other way!

Gently fold the paper triangles to match up to the triangles marked “glue” and form into a tubular shape:

Add glue to the triangle shapes maked “glue” and press them together.

Open up the two end tabs and round the tubular shape into a circle. Then glue the end tabs to the inside of the tube so it closes. Carefully, press the tabs together:

Wait for the glue to dry before spinning the hexaflexagon around!

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