Teaching with STEAM

Learn how to use exciting classroom tools to create the next generation of makers

Brighten futures with STEAM Technologies

We have a passion for Art and Tech. We use tools from simple – scissors and markers – to complex – robots, laser cutting, and electronics – to inspire children of all ages. Our field trips are customized to your needs and the Ontario curriculum. Imagination and making is paramount and creating the next generation of thinkers is part of our goal.


Ozobot city of the future

Program tiny robots with markers and create the driverless city of the future

Toy Hacking 101

Learn the secrets of toy design with a real toy inventor. Use drills, saws, and screwdrivers to take a part toys and see how they tick.

Interactive Sign with Makey Makey

Learn the basics of electronics by designing an interactive sign with Scratch 3.0 and Makey Makey. Students learn how everyday objects like pencils, play dough, and even water can be turned into buttons!


Create an interactive story with Scratch

Use Scratch to create a story from start to finish. Add characters, backgrounds, and sound effects to watch your story come to life.

And more!

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STEAM Centre is a great place to discover making in a fun environment. We currently offer half day-field trips on electronics, robotics, 3D printing, and more.

Our site includes a powerful makerspace with 3D Printers, a laser cutter, CNC, woodworking tools, and more.



Can’t make it for a field trip? Need an extra boost to a science or technology lesson? We’ve got you covered! We offer 45-minute lessons in your classroom.

We bring our STEAM technology and work through a fantastic lesson with your class. We can prepare reinforcement projects to continue the learning after we’ve left.

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