STEAM Education Centre partners with the Talbot Teen Centre, bringing more programs and resources to the Community

STEAM Education Centres announces a new partnership with the Talbot Teen Centre to establish a central destination for all youth from across Elgin – St. Thomas to access dynamic learning opportunities, as well as everyday resources.

To accomplish the mission, STEAM Centre will relocate all operations to the Talbot Teen Centre at 745 Talbot Street in St. Thomas as of December 1, bringing with them a huge collection of creative learning tools and technology including 3D printers, a laser cutter, CNC, and more. STEAM Centre will have the run of the facility during the daytime to host school field trips and community programs, until 3pm when the Teen Centre opens to the Teen community.

“This is a really exciting opportunity for the STEAM Education Centre to partner with the Teen Centre!” said Jessica Gransaull, Executive Director of the STEAM Centre. “By bringing our respective services under one roof, more kids and teens will gain exposure to the awesome potential of science, technology, engineering, art and math, try out emerging technology, as well as learn about the resources available to them through the Teen Centre!”

This school year, STEAM Centre will host more than 4000 children out of their new home through school field trips and hands-on extracurricular workshops and will continue to accept electronic waste from the community during their open hours. 

For their part, the Talbot Teen Centre will continue to offer free after school and evening programming to teens, but now with the added access to some of the maker tools offered by the STEAM Centre! “We are extremely excited about this partnership!” said Greg Smith, Manager of the Talbot Teen Centre. “Our partnership with the STEAM Centre will allow us to vastly expand our programming while at the same time introduce a whole new demographic of kids and teens to all the great things that the Talbot Teen Centre has to offer.”  

For more information, please contact: 

Jessica Gransaull 



About STEAM Centre

The mission of STEAM Centre is to educate and empower learners to imagine and create the future through play, ingenuity, and innovation using science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). STEAM Centre delivers a comprehensive educational model focused on developing the creativity and problem solving necessary to explore ideas and foster growth.

About Talbot Teen Centre

The Talbot Teen Centre is a free, fun, safe, inclusive and supportive resource and drop-in space for all youth aged 12 to 19 years of age in Elgin County. The TTC provides age appropriate programming for youth by youth recreation, leadership, arts and culture, education, prevention and awareness, and volunteering in an accessible environment. The TTC provides youth with opportunities to express themselves, as well as connect and become involved with their community and its resources. The Talbot Teen Centre supports youth in reaching their potential in becoming active and responsible participants in our community.