Join our growing community of makers and make something amazing!


Makers are the future. They create new and innovative things, fix what is broken, and inspire the next generation. At STEAM Centre, we support makers through our STEAMWorks space where you can access wood-working and metal-working tools, hand-tools, 3D printers, CNC, laser cutter, and more.

The Tools to Create

There are many ways to be creative; you can make art, make cabinets, make robots, and more! At STEAM Centre, we have you covered with many tools to build your imagination. From 3D printers to wood working tools, and more still to come. As a member, you can shape what tools are available.

Epilog Mini 24 50 Watt Laser Cutter

Use a top-of-the-line CO2 laser cutter to cut or engrave wood, acrylics, paper, and more. Make engraved art, plaques, or cut parts for a project quickly and with incredible precision!

See https://www.epiloglaser.com/products/legend-laser-series.htm for more info on our laser cutter.

Formlabs Form2

The Form2 is a desktop Stereolithographic 3D Printer. It cures photo-resin with a laser to create intricate and precise objects in a variety of resins: white, grey, black, clear, tough, flexible, and castable resin.

See https://formlabs.com/ for more info on this printer!

Lulzbot Taz 6 with Dual Extruder

The Taz 6 is an FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printer. It self levels and due to an upgrade can print in two materials at the same time. You can also use a variety of materials from PLA and ABS plastics to flexible, conductive, bamboo, or coffee flavoured plastics!

Shapeoko XXL Desktop CNC

Cut wood, acrylic, and aluminium with a computer-controlled router and a 32″x32″ bed. Create your designs in a drawing program and let CNC do the work for you!

Janome HD718 Sewing Machines

Working on your next great cosplay? Need to mend clothing, but don’t want to purchase and maintain your own sewing machine? We have you covered!

And more!

We also have a number of woodworking tools available like the mitre saw, router, drill press, drills, sanders, and more.

What the community is saying about STEAM!

“[During their field-trip] the students were so engaged that they became different students! As a space that promotes creativity and thinking, project based learning is the future of education…and the direction we need to go.” “freedom to try new things without being afraid to be wrong is what makes the STEAM Centre the uplifting, energized place that it is.’ “[STEAM Staff] were “truly fabulous…letting the students discover things on their own. They went above and beyond my expectation.”

Katherin O’Hara, Department Head of Mathematics, South Secondary School