Bring a spark of making to playtime

STEAM Centre sells Ozobots, Raspberry Pis, and BBC micro:bits

Educational toys

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Ozobot Bit Construction Accessory Kit


Turn your Ozobot Bit robot into a mini construction worker with the Ozobot Construction Accessory Kit. Outfit Bit with stickers, costumes, and paper pop-outs, and then navigate the life of a robot construction character through printable colour coding challenges.
Please note: This kit only works with the Ozobot bit.

Ozobot Evo (Crystal White or Titanium Black)


This smart & social new robot introduces a whole new way for learners to connect, code, collaborate, and share. The Evo includes lights, proximity sensors, a speaker, and app enabled bluetooth.

Ozobot Markers


4-pack of markers (black, red, blue, and green) for use with Evo and Bit. Draw lines and color codes, for programming Evo and Bit on paper. Create roads, mazes, and maps while you build serious STEAM skills. Washable and non-toxic; angled tips make color coding easy.

Physical Computing with micro:bit and Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Camera V2


Enhance your Raspberry Pi with the Camera module. Use your Raspberry Pi as a surveillance system or make an interactive display.

Raspberry Pi 3 Kit

$99.99 (+$4 for NOOBS install)

Make with the tiny credit card sized computer that allows you bring the Internet of Things to your home. Create your own gaming system, make a self-watering garden, or even just add a tiny computer anywhere because you can!

Raspberry Pi 3 kit includes Raspberry Pi 3, AC Adapter, Case, 16 GB microSD card, and heatsinks.
items are also available for sale individually.

BBC micro:bit go


Get started with the power of coding in the real world to ages 7-12. The tiny BBC micro:bit uses simple block-based coding to light up the 5×5 red LED grid and respond to motion and button inputs. The 4 pins allow you to connect speakers, motors, and sensors. the BBC micro:bit go pack also includes 2xAAA batteries and a pack so you can take your inventions everywhere.

Raspberry Pi Sense HAT


The SenseHAT add-on attaches on top of the Raspberry Pi via the 40 GPIO pins to create an ‘Astro Pi’ and includes an accelerometer; 3D gyroscope; magnetometer; pressure, Humidity, and Temperature sensors; a joystick; and an 8×8 RGB LED grid.

Give a gift of making

STEAM Centre sells gift cards for the maker in your family! Want your child to take a course but not sure of which one? Not sure what educational toy to give? Give them a STEAM Gift Card and let them make the choice!