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STEAM Centre hosts The London Potters Guild and the accomplished ceramic artist Susan Day. The course starts with a gentle introduction to making mosaics – from conception to creation. Then you will learn and practice producing and cutting clay tiles, the placing of the tesserae to create self-portraits, and end with installation and grouting of your own fired clay mosaic. All while learning how you can integrate STEAM technology into your work. Ages 16+

Learn the basics of code while using Processing - a coding language that makes art. Create beautiful animations that are colourful, and responsive to user input. Learn the basics of code while making expressive displays. Ages 13+. No experience necessary.

Use lasers to make a gift that is amazing! Design and build a beautiful keepsake box using our laser cutter and woodworking tools in just three sessions with no experience needed. Make it your own with a photo engraving. Be prepared to amaze yourself with what you can make. Includes free drop-in to cut your designs. No prior knowledge needed. Ages 13+ (Students under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian)

Everyone can be a woodworker with Computer Numerical Control (CNC)! Design a sign on a computer and then get a desktop CNC machine to cut it out for you. Whether you are wanting a family name sign for home or a sign for your business, you too can make beautiful eye-catching signs that turn heads! Price includes one finished plywood sign. Ages 13+. No prior knowledge required. 

Want to add automation to your maker project? This course gets you started with practical projects using Arduino. In this course you will learn the basics of how electronics work while working with sensors, lights, sound, motors, and more. Ages 13+. No experience necessary. 4 sessions.

Design and make projects with the latest amazing tech tool at the STEAM Centre - Epilog Mini 24 50 Watt laser cutter! Super precise LASER light cuts and engraves through a whole variety of materials. Learn how to create 2D Designs, load the materials, and cut with the Laser Cutter. This course certifies you to use the Laser Cutter. Ages 13+

This 3 hour course introduces you to the basics of using a sewing machine. You'll learn the proper method for setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting, as well as the various stitches that you can make. This course certifies you to use the STEAM Centre sewing machines (Janome HD718). We recommend you take this course before any sewing machine project courses. Ages 13+

You may have heard of 3D Printing and even seen an FDM 3D Printer, but stereolithographic printing uses liquid resin and a laser to create beautifully intricate prints! In this session, you will learn the basics of printing with the Formlabs Form 2, and learn how to load your jobs, and do the post processing to make the best prints you can! Ages 13+. No experience necessary. 

Become a maker by creating your own beautiful jewellery to design and take home. Based in our amazing makerspaces, you will get the opportunity to use both classic hand tools and the incredible digital creative tools such as our 3D printer and Laser Cutter. Ages 13+. 4 sessions.

Use the incredible 3D scanner, 3D design software 3D printing to make your own personalised bobble head character. Use your own head or invent a new one with 3D Sculpture! Learn how to take your imagination and make it real! No prior knowledge required. Ages 13+

Relive the past by creating your own personalized arcade cabinet with Raspberry Pi! Make your own control layout, CNC or Laser cut your design, paint it, and wire it all up! This is an awesome gift for any gamer or family home and it's custom-built by you! Course includes 1 free month of STEAMWorks Membership, so you can take a basic design and make it AWESOME! 4 sessions
Ages: 13+ (Students under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.)

Turn the small Raspberry Pi into a handheld gaming machine! Learn the basics of soldering, electronics, and design while making your own custom console. Course includes 1 free month of STEAMWorks Membership, so you can take a basic design and make it AWESOME! 4 sessions. Ages: 13+ (Students under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.)

The iPhone or iPad has a great camera! You take thousands of photos of your vacations, birthdays, and pets. Now, learn how to find, organize, edit, and share your photos with your friends and family. What is iCloud Photo Library? What apps are useful when editing my photos? How can I post them to instagram? Learn the basics in this two night course. Bring your fully charged iPhone or iPad with you. 2 sessions. Ages: 16+

lmost everyone has a smartphone these days and everyone takes photos! In this course, you will learn the basics of photo composition, working with natural light sources and more while enjoying the fresh air. See the real world while learning to take the best photos. On your first week, you'll discover how to set up photos indoors and learn the basics of composition. During Weeks 2-4, we'll meet at different locations around St. Thomas and take some fantastic photos you'll want to show your friends and family! Before the class starts, we will call you to confirm which type of phone you will be bringing. Ages: 16+ 4 sessions

Teens program a real 2D video game using Unity, a game engine used by award winning game developers! Students are taken through the basics of the game development life cycle as they build their prototype 2D game. Ages 13-17. 4 sessions.

Students get the chance to design and animate 2D and 3D game elements. Using various free and open source tools such as pixel editors and 3D design software, teens develop their unique style as they bring their bespoke game to life! Ages 13-17

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