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Learn what the components make up a PC, and how to rebuild it to bring it back to life! You decide how many instructor-facilitated sessions you need to complete your PC.

Beginners Guide to Code

Learn the basics of code while using Processing – a coding language that makes art. Create beautiful animations that are colourful, and responsive to user input. Learn the basics of code while making expressive displays.


Ages: 13+
Time: 11:00am – 2:30pm
Date: January 18th

Session Price



Bring objects to life with 3D Projection Art

Get to grips with the amazing world of 3D projection art. 

3D Projection mapping is the art of bringing a surface to life with a beautiful projected image. It can transform everything from cakes to cathedrals into an interactive, animated visual story using just a projector and imagery. Participants will be introduced in a supportive environment to the very basics of digital projection art and create engaging 3D animations and projections using free or open source software. 

No previous knowledge is required or expected.


Your instructors will be Fred Cahill and Sandra Poczobut, MED.

Fred Cahill has worked on numerous interactive exhibitions and helped create Canada’s first installation of a “Lumarka” –  a beautiful open-source projection mapped hologram made from bundles of string and light. 

Sandra Poczobut is a mid career installation and performance artists based in Port Stanley, ON. She has a background in drawing, illustration and education and holds an interdisciplinary Masters Degree in Fine Arts Education and Curriculum Studies .


Ages: 13-17

Time: TBA

Date: TBA

Session Price

Price: $50




What is inside a computer? How does it go together? Learn how the mysterious black box that we use for everything from gaming to design to communicating with Friends works! 


STEAM Centre also provides tailored team building group activities with STEAM technology. Explore crafts, laser cutting, educational toys, and solve unique puzzles to bring your group together and have some fun!

Choose from exciting topics like:
Escape rooms
Robotics & electronics
Arts & crafts
Laser cutting & engraving
Macro-lens photography
and more!

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